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Philly Dev Camp

Teaching adults how to code

PhillyDevCamp is a 5 week intensive introduction to web development as a career. The goal is to take college students and recent high school & college graduates and give them the skills they need to be employable as junior web developers.

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As part of my internship at Zivtech over Summer 2014, I mentored and helped teach a free developer bootcamp for adults. In depth, we covered topics including Vim, PHP, Drupal, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Angular, Ruby, soft skills, and working with APIs.

Funded by the City of Philadelphia’s StartupPHL Grant, the program aims to create a group of talented Web developers who can boost the city’s tech scene. At the conclusion of the program, dozens of local companies came to meet the students and most were offered jobs in the web development field.







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Philly Dev Camp was launched in August 2014.

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