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Everfree Northwest

A digital experience for Seattle's My Little Pony convention

Everfree Northwest (EFNW) is an annual, all-ages convention for fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic attracting attendees from all over the world. I worked closely to the convention and Poniverse to design, develop, and deploy a website.

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Ode to Nature

One the themes of the convention was nature. We chose a color scheme that reflects both the show and the landscape of Seattle.

From there, we used curves to symbolize the perfections seen in nature. These curves were heavily adapted into CSS3 clips, SVG masks and rounded buttons.


Section Masks

An abstract curve was used for section divider.

SVG Mask SVG Mask SVG Mask SVG Mask

Horizontal Rules

Breaking away from the rounded corners are the jagged horizontal rules, symbolizing the mountainous terrain of the area.

Break Break

Map Styles

We also created custom vector map styles for Everfree Northwest using Mapbox Studio, designed to be playful. It's open source on GitHub.

Content Strategy

Make it straightforward

Convention websites are often packed with information, so we made it as simple as possible for users to navigate the site. Content was simplified and consolidated into as few pages as possible. Instead of having multiple subpages, the site was focused on getting the information users were looking for in as few clicks as possible.



The homepage is designed to explain itself as a user quickly scrolling down the page in less than 10 seconds can pick up key information about the event. Basic information users seek the most like date, location, ticket pricing, and major announcements are explained on the homepage.


A event timetable was optimized for users across desktop and mobile devices.

Grid System

I created a grid & content framework that is extremely flexible yet easy to use.

Take it anywhere

We took responsive design to the next level with an app-like mobile layout. Most of the site is even designed to automatically work offline when pinned to the home screen.


Chrome, Safari, Android Mobile, and Android Wear users can receive native notifications soon as new news is announced using the HTML5 notifications API.


What people had to say:

Since Everfree Northwest's launch in October 2014, tens of thousands of excited people have visited the site. Here's what some people had to say:

Everfree Northwest was launched in October 2014.

A collaboration between Victor, Jamie, Poniverse, and EFNW Staff.

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