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Precision farming for agriculture

drones4u is an initiative to bring drones to civilian use, backed by Stanford Professor Chuck Eesley's Venture Lab.

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The Pitch

Drones4u wants to improve the world by taking advantage of high-tech flying vehicles. Behind this statement there is a very committed team that wants to put technology to good uses.

Initially, we have targeted precision farming, a set of techniques that are expected to offer solutions to a global problem: world population is quickly growing and food needs to be produced more efficiently than with traditional methods.

Drones can help farmers better schedule and apply treatments to their fields, which result in healthier plants and increased yields. This can be achieved while reducing cost and decreasing the use of water, chemicals and pesticides.

Not only this, drones are flexible platforms that can be adapted to other fields. There is a growing interest from areas such as agriculture, nature observation, security and patrolling, photography, infrastructure inspection… This offers opportunities to access big markets, and due to the novelty of the technology, many to be created.

Civilian use of drones is not something for the future, it is a reality today and it is here to stay.

Business Model

The original business model from 2013 is now public:

Original Business Model on Venture Lab->


A project wouldn’t be complete without a website, so (quite natrually) I created one!



It’s a program adapted by a university in Spain and continues to be in active development at a research lab in Pakistan. Our work even continues to be cited by researchers and journalists every month.

Quadcopter CAD model


This was a collaboration between a group of close-knit friends ranging from casual enthusiasts to professor experts, hailing from all around the world with a passion for technology and creating great things.

Iftikhar, Fernando, Marcello, Joel, Victor, Stephanie, Javier, Enrique

drones4u was launched in April 2013.

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