Victor Starling
Hey there! I'm a digital experience developer and designer from the sunny city of Philadelphia.

I build interactive digital experiences that people enjoy.

I have launched and improved 50+ projects for clients across the world. Here’s a quick taste of what I do:

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Exhibit 1


A modern status page for a century-old public transit system.

Exhibit 2

# Temple University

Easy-to-navigate content structure for a major public university.

Exhibit 3

# Everfree Northwest

Creative direction and website for a major fan convention.

Exhibit 4

# CodeDay Philly

A 24 hour event that gets students excited about coding.

Exhibit 5

# CodeDay Canada

I brought a highly successful programme to Canada in CodeDay’s first international expansion.

Exhibit 6

# TacoJS

A fun night of tacos and code, featuring live performances!

Exhibit 7

# Hack Club

Landing page empowering students to start coding clubs.

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