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A campaign to raise money towards pediatric cancer

A branch off of Penn State's dance marathon, Mini-THON is a non-profit, annual fundraiser consisting of a 12-hour, no-sitting event. Some of the highlights of Mini-THON include family hour, the grade-vs-grade lip-sync and dance competitions, and the wall of hands. At the end of the evening, the numbers are lifted, revealing the total amount of money raised.

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In high school, I helped organize a fundraiser and dance marathon to help kids with cancer. I was a tech captain assigned with the responsibility of leading a team in charge all of Mini-THON’s technological needs. Additionally, I was responsible for reaching out to the local community to fundraise and spread awareness for the charity. Here are of some of the things I’ve worked on:


I created a website that serves as an informative call-to-action for the local community and prospective donors. This website is powered by Squarespace, which allows anyone to easily add and edit content with little training. The Squarespace theme is open source and can be found on GitHub:


Fundraising Page

I created a template based around my concept of an effective fundraising page and encouraged others to follow along. Check it out at!

Fundraising part 1: introduction

Fundraising part 2: details

Fundraising part 3: stretch goals

Fundraising part 4: begging for donations

Signs & Letterheads

I designed some simple signs hung up at the event for alumni & volunteers.

Sign: no time Sign: no donate Sign: no phones

I also experimented with creating Isometric maps in PowerPoint. The second floor map didn’t really cut it, but here it is in its full glory anyways:

1F Isometric Maps
2F Isometric Maps

Additionally, I created stationery for mailing correspondence and designed business cards for members on the team.

Magazine & Newspaper Ads

I made a magazine ad that featured in an issue of Uptight Suburbanite and The Carrier Pidgeon:

Magazine ad: Supporting kids with pediatric cancer, raising money for the cure since 2008

Special Thanks

A special thanks goes to the donors who have supported this great cause over the years, specifically these wonderful folks who have donated to my fundraising page:

2015 Donors 2014 Donors 2013 Donors
Luke Cooper Major League Hacking Amy Ethridge-Conti
Anonymous Nicole Oliver Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous Seth Baron
Vatican Official Person Awesome Plounger  
Candidate Anonymous  
Peter Deltchev    
Tim Kaing    

Here are some words from my donors:

The fight is long, brutal, and ends fatally for some. But as long as there is life in my body, I will pray for miracles to abound and cures to heal the sick. Hope this helps!

-Luke Cooper


Mini-THON was launched in November 2015.

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