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Hardware Hack

Portable Shower

Shower in any public restroom

Built an inflatable shower out of tarp which fits in a backpack: for the urban explorer. Requires sink and power outlet (surprisingly most public restrooms have power outlets). Had pumps near the bottom to pump water back out into the sink; had big zip loc bag inside to keep clothes dry when you took them off; had small holes in the structure releasing air to help dry hair. -Shariq (TODO: Edit this)

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  • It folds up and fits nicely in a small backpack.
  • It can be used in any public bathroom.
  • Zero lines of code written. :wink:


Built by me, Shariq Hashme, Gurpreet Singh, and Harman Anand at DragonHacks (Drexel Hackathon) Spring 2015.

Portable Shower was launched in January 2015.

A collaboration between Victor, Shariq, Gurpreet, and Harman.

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